Monday, November 11, 2013

abdoul fouad do - soweto c30.

bought this gem from mississippi records down in portland earlier this year. the sahel sounds dude (who is super nice) has a few tapes he brought back with him from africa in there. originally from ghana, then moved to mali to make righteous reggae jams. i think this might have come out in 1988, at least that's what i remember reading back when i did the research about him. i'm not really into reggae to be honest so i'm not sure who to compare this cat to, but i dig the songs he has here.

ps if anyone is interested in trading mixtapes, i'm totally down. my tape deck is a little fucked to be honest so you might get a little feedback & disembodied radio voices during the more quiet moments, but ya know, it adds to the charm right?

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