Thursday, October 24, 2013

brugele - margola ep c37.

i have to admit this guy is one of my favorite people here in seattle, or maybe just in anywhere. he's a really modest nice guy who makes amazing music. if you were into the post i made over at spookcityusa about his other group old moms then you'll be into this. david explores that same territory on side a ... codeine black outs soundtracked to warped minimal synthy techno. total ciani meets dj screw headspace on this. let's call it post vaporwave for the otaku set. side b is a nineteen minute drone piece that is really dark with some heavy repetition in the best of ways. kinda matches our weather in the winter up here. limited to thirty copies, i think this shit is sold out. but really go to his bandcamp (click on the photo) & support the dude. he's on some massive tour right now with his other band week of wonders & could probably use the gas money. plus he's just a stand up dude.

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