Monday, October 21, 2013

robert turman v neon depth c29.

this tape is pretty amazing. if any of you follow my old blog spookcityusa then you know i have a gigantic soft spot in my heart for robert turman. i didn't really know what to think since the sound sample on mimaroglu isn't the most illuminating, & turman has had a chameleon's career. the sound of way down is completely different than what he put out with flux. anyway, onto the tape. turman's side is fantastique... eerie jarring post noise industrial soundscapes crafted out of john elliott's side of the tape which is a bit underwhelming. especially compared to the accidents cassette i wrote up a few days ago. came out in an edition of 120 tapes, not numbered. be on the lookout for the turman/dilloway/mcguire tape that's supposed to be coming out sometime in the near future (i think?).

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