Wednesday, October 30, 2013

steve layton - big wide world c90.

i was getting tired of the white background in the photos, what do you think? anyway, here is a tape i bought at wall of sound, the same place i bought the alan bishop tape. there isn't any info out there about this other than a steve layton who lives in dallas with a soundcloud & a guy in kansas selling this tape. all i know is that this was recorded here in seattle back in 1990 & that it sounds like technology of tears era fred frith channeling philip glass in a a shadowfax cover band. yeah, it is pretty awesome. i think you could probably call the dudes & order a copy of it if the description sounded as amazing as it should have to you. i wrote the dallas guy, so if he writes back, then i'll update this.

editor's update: it just hit me now. this totally has zappa's jazz from hell written all over it. so so good!

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